sextant_squareIngenuity Research Corporation (IRC) is a small, women-owned, aerospace services corporation dedicated to retaining and providing the national security community with the talents of senior-level systems engineers, software engineers, and program managers.

For U.S. government customers, IRC is designed to preserve the corporate body of knowledge by providing them with cost-effective access to senior staff that might not otherwise be available or affordable.

As a women-owned corporation, IRC provides the government’s prime contractors, a means to help their bottom-line by providing them with a cost-effective way to satisfy their mandated socio-economic subcontracting goals.

And for senior-level engineers and managers, IRC improves defense community retention by creating an environment where senior staff can more effectively serve their country AND meet their financial and professional goals.

The idea for Ingenuity Research Corporation was conceived in the late 1990’s when the company’s principals noted that many of their most-talented co-workers were leaving their IPTs for other defense contractors OR for the commercial sector.

The constant turnover, and the even-worse brain-dra   iStock_000003784355Medium in, struck the company’s founders as a horribly inefficient process that was ultimately hindering the country’s ability to perform defense-related R&D and O&M.

Ingenuity Research Corporation was created to address these issues. IRC’s business model is designed to create a process-supported work environment that fosters each associate’s stability, creativity, and camaraderie while providing our customers with an excellent value.

To help us establish a corporate reputation for both technical skill and superlative management abilities, our people are hand-picked based on a current associate’s personal knowledge of a potential associate’s demonstrated teamwork, technical, management, and leadership abilities.